Vendiverse is an open-source Vending Machine Controller project. It is customizable to be used in all vending purposes such as snack vending and beverage vending machines. Despite its powerful functionalities, it can be build using parts that can be easily found on electronic hobbies stores such as SparkFun. Vendiverse utilizes Orange PI Zero as the CPU and SoC and Atmega AVRs for peripheral control. Total cost of Vendiverse VMC does not exceed 30 USD.

If you are interested in making a board, you can go to Making a Vendiverse VMC Board. If you have made or obtained a board, you can go to Programming Vendiverse VMC Board to start.

Vendiverse provides both open-source harware and software required to build a fully functional vending machine from scratch. Functionalities are listed below but not limited to these:

  • High performance, Quad Core 1 GHz CPU
  • 256 MB of RAM to meet all software requirements and support embedded Linux environment
  • Python based VMC Application that can be customized for all needs
  • SQL Database for easy reporting and customization
  • On-board 10/100 LAN and Wi-Fi interfaces to allow remote control, update and telemetry
  • MDB compatible payment device interface for coin changer, bill acceptor and cashless payment
  • 4 lines LCD multiple character display support
  • AV Output for any size TFT and Full-HD H.264 hardware decoder for video playback
  • Matrix keypad support
  • Multiplexed tray controller that can drive up to 1000 vending motors
  • Product sensor support
  • Up to 4 slave machine support
  • 10 General Purpose IO Port for all kind of sensors
  • 2 temperature sensor support to control temperature of lower and upper trays
  • On-board temperature controller relays for cooler compressor and fan
  • USB port for Flash Drive to collect data or update firmware
  • USB port for barcode reader or receipt printers
  • USB port for surveillance camera (Up to 3 cameras)
  • OTA (Over the Air) Update
  • Remote stock and cashbox control
  • RBG Led Driver for colorful lighting
  • PWM Led Controller for dimming and energy saving
  • MiFare Contactless Card Support
  • NFC Mobile Payment Support
Vendiverse VMC Board

Vendiverse VMC Board