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EliHIS is an open source hospital information management system. It is a web application and requires no additional software installation on the client side. It can be accessed using a modern browser that supports javascript and websockets. It is tested to run on Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer.

EliHIS server side is implemented using Java 1.6 (OpenJDK supported.) EliHIS server side can be installed on Linux and Windows Servers or any other Java capable server.


EliHIS has been under heavy development since 2013. It has been field-tested in many countries under commercial licences in 1200+ hospitals. EliHIS is a centralised, nation-wide Hospital Information System with all modules required to run a national health and hospital information system. EliHIS was first designed as a commercial product. However, with the recent outbreaks of various fast spreading diseases such as Coronavirus 2019, the need to report and take actions against pandemics is increased. EliHIS team decided to change the commercial licence to an open-source so that developing countries can also take the advantage of running a centralised Hospital Information and Management System with little to no investments required. We believe that this is our duty for the common health of the world. We would consider ourself successful if this solution could save just one person’s life by providing access to top-grade centralised health information infrastructure in developing countries.


  • Admission / Registration
  • Outpatient Management
  • Inpatient Management
  • Operation Theatre (Surgery) Management
  • Day Care Module
  • Pharmacy Module
  • Human Resource Management
  • Assets Management
  • Appointment Module
  • Laboratory Information System (With internal PACS viewer)
  • Reporting Module
  • Discharge and Billing
  • Electronic Document Flow and Assignment Management
  • Web File Storage
  • Instant Messaging
  • Video Conference
  • Authorisation and User Management