EliHIS is an Hospital Information Management system. It is distributed under GNU GPL licence and it is completely free to use.


EliHIS has been under heavy development since 2013. It has been field-tested in many countries under commercial licences in 1200+ hospitals. EliHIS is a centralised, nation-wide Hospital Information System with all modules required to run a national health and hospital information system. EliHIS was first designed as a commercial product. However, with the recent outbreaks of various fast spreading diseases such as Coronavirus 2019, the need to report and take actions against pandemics is increased. EliHIS team decided to change the commercial licence to an open-source so that developing countries can also take the advantage of running a centralised Hospital Information and Management System with little to no investments required. We believe that this is our duty for the common health of the world. We would consider ourself successful if this solution could save just one person’s life by providing access to top-grade centralised health information infrastructure in developing countries.


EliHIS client is web-based. There is no need to install any software other than a modern web browser. Clients can be Linux, Mac or Windows based. EliHIS client can be run on Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer. Only requirement is Web-Socket and Javascript capable modern browser.

EliHIS uses ExtJS, a well known Javascript library for forms and components, for the presentation layer. You need to check Sencha (ExtJS developer) licencing terms before you start using EliHIS. EliHIS uses ExtJS 4.19 version under GPLv3 terms which allows usage of ExtJS in open-source projects for free. However, end users should also check licencing terms and should not infringe the terms.

EliHIS server is based on Java. EliHIS server can be deployed on Linux or Windows Servers that are capable of running Java 1.6. OpenJDK is also supported.

Key Advantages

  • Multi-Tenant
    EliHIS is the first open-source multi-tenant hospital information system. It can be used by hundreds of hospitals simultaneously on a single DBMS. Although EliHIS is designed to be used as a national health system with hundreds of hospitals, laboratories and pharmacies, it can be scaled down to be used in small clinics too.
  • Web Application
    EliHIS is a web application and clients do not need to install any software other than a modern web browser. This will cut down maintenance costs. Client computer is out of order? Just change it with a new one, open up the browser, type the URL and that’s it! Even, EliServe Framework which EliHIS is built on top of, saves your data and you will not even lose any data.
  • Ultra Fast & Efficient
    Thanks to EliServe Framework which utilizes Web-Sockets technology in data transmission, EliHIS requires up to %95 percent less hardware resource compared to other HIS systems with the same simultaneously connected clients. EliHIS does not rely on HTTP which is a stateless protocol and application server is unaware of client until it makes a request. However, EliHIS utilizes WebSocket technology which is statefull and allows bi-directional communication between browser and application server. If any data is needed to send to a client, EliServe Framework sends it directly to client. This reduces polling and refreshing on the client side up to %99 percent, thus eliminating all the hardware costs for processing unneccessary HTTP requests.
  • Unprecedented Access Control and Authorisation
    EliHIS has configurable user and role (user group) management. All components, functionality and services can be authorised or restricted to specific user or roles. Restrictions can be time and duration based too.
  • State of the Art UI
    EliHIS has a customizable, familiar, neat and tidy UI which is basically a desktop environment with start menu, taskbar, widgets and module windows. Users can work on different modules simualteneously just like an X-Window on Linux or Desktop on Windows.
  • Customisable
    EliHIS users can customize their look & feel, shortcuts, panel layouts, window preferences and even grid columns based on their needs. These customisations are persistent accross sessions.
  • Easy Installation
    EliHIS installation takes only minutes. It has its own embedded Web Server. You don’t need to install a third party web server such as Apache, Tomcat etc. It is a single executable file that can be run from shell, defined as a background service or daemon.

Required Database Management System

EliHIS server can utilize any DBMS provided it has JDBC library that supports minimum JRE 1.6. Hibernate is used as middle-tier to control caching and C3P0 is used for database connection pooling. EliHIS has direct support for MySQL, MariaDB and Oracle 11g as well as Oracle Express Edition DBMS.


Since EliHIS has just been released as an open-source software under GNU GPL licence, EliHIS team is working hard to improve code quailty, localisation and language support and prepare documentation according to open-source terms. This is an ongoing but fast proceeding progress. Documentation for adding new functionalities as well as using EliServe framework which EliHIS project is based on will be completed in the end of March, 2020. However, documentation for downloading, building, installing ,testing and using EliHIS has been released. Please refer to the link below for installation documentation:

How to Install EliHIS

Current Tasks

EliHIS is designed for commercial use in STAN countries in the first place. So, it was developed for Non-English speaking countries. Current priority in development tasks is translation of all resource files to English. There has been previous and agile efforts by outsourcing the translation process however the quality of translation did not meet criterias. All of the translation process to English has been started over. So, please feel free to discuss and report mis-translations on our Wiki platform. Health care specialists are also welcome to participate in our efforts to translate EliHIS to English for a global use.


EliHIS has full-featured modules listed but not limited to:

  • Admission / Registration
  • Outpatient Management
  • Inpatient Management
  • Operation Theatre (Surgery) Management
  • Day Care Module
  • Pharmacy Module
  • Human Resource Management
  • Assets Management
  • Appointment Module
  • Laboratory Information System (With internal PACS viewer)
  • Reporting Module
  • Discharge and Billing
  • Electronic Document Flow and Assignment Management
  • Web File Storage
  • Instant Messaging
  • Video Conference
  • Authorisation and User Management